We Are Custodians of Our Heritage and as Such Must Strive to Attain Excellence in Our Field

Birkshaw Building Conservation was started in England in 1990 by Master Stonemason Anthony Miller. Birkshaw Building Conservation specializes in the repair and preservation of stone, brick, terracotta, traditional stucco and fine plaster work. We offer first class historic building conservation through knowledgeable, traditional trade techniques, ensuring the preservation of important structures for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

Birkshaw Building Conservation draws on a wide pool of artisans specifically selected for world class skill and artistry. These artisans are brought together specifically with each individual project in mind, ensuring the best teams are assembled for specific tasks involved.


“This project was one of many preservation projects that were funded in the wake of Katrina. This led to an obvious overload of work for the staff at FEMA and MDAH. Suffice to say this project got off to a rocky start, and eventually came to a FEMA issued Stop Work Order on the masonry on this project. The project was at a standstill for 4 months. In that time Anthony Miller came on staff for the contractor. It was the hard work, research and material procurement skills of Anthony Miller that got this project back off the ground and eventually awarded a Mississippi AIA design award for Historic Preservation. Anthony was able to procure and systemize the culling of matching historic bricks, research and procure the proper historic lime putty. Anthony developed very discrete and seamless repairs for the masonry still standing, along with a non-toxic and non-destructive way to clean the existing bricks of their bright yellow paint. In my opinion, Anthony took this project from the brink and made it an award winner. It is also important to note that it was a pleasure to work Anthony. His attitude and demeanor make him very likable and easy to work with. I cannot stress enough the value and knowledge Anthony brings with him to a project, especially his vast masonry knowledge”

“Mr. Anthony Miller has been an invaluable asset on the Lakefront Terminal Building restoration project. I have worked with him over the past year restoring the exposed aggregate stucco and masonry substrate of the lakefront’s airport’s 1934 Art Deco Terminal. His in-depth understanding of historical masonry techniques and good building practices is hard to come by in the construction field.

Mr. Miller has worked hard at garnering our design team’s confidence and gave valuable insight and opinions on critical issues throughout the building’s exterior restoration process. His ability in both managing sub-contractors and work load with critical schedules has helped make our project successful. His work ethic of long hours and hard work was unparalleled by his counterparts on other jobs I have done.”

“Mr. Miller owned a company Birkshaw Building Conservation and was an excellent member of the Federation of Master Builders for many years. His work was always first class and I have no hesitation in recommending him”

BARRY OLIVER Regional Director Northern Counties Federation of Master Builders